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About Us

William Scott & Co. (Pty) Ltd, specialise in manufacturing and supplying Cleaning, Matting and Flooring related products that promote safety, hygiene and also provide the opportunity of marketing brands. William Scott & Co. (Pty) Ltd is a South Africa registered business licensed to conduct business in the manufacture and distribution of both commercial and industrial Matting/Flooring, Cleaning Chemicals and Cleaning Equipment.


A Step Ahead

William Scott & Co. is innovative and responsive. We are linked to world markets and therefore we are in a position to bring the latest Cleaning & Matting products to our customers. Our team is service orientated and the company carries stock on demand. We are our own driving force as we manufacture and/or import our stock directly. We have the largest collection of standard and specialized Cleaning & Hygiene products. By talking with you and understanding your requirements we can advise you as to which products will be most appropriate for your application, and help you to make the correct choice. We understand better than most that maintaining the quality of our service is crucial if we want to remain the leading supplier of Industrial & Commercial Cleaning, Safety & Hygiene solutions. We are always available to discuss your needs and offer free advice.

To provide a select range of personalized Cleaning, Safety & matting products to a wide cross-section of customers in both commercial and industrial sector whilst at the same time:

  • Remaining focused on satisfying client needs whilst adding value to our clients’ organizational chain.
  • Ensuring our customers and other stakeholders enjoy a mutually beneficial relationship with William Scott & Co..
  • Giving our shareholders a highly acceptable return on their investment.
  • To be the region’s Cleaning Equipment, Chemical & Matting provider of choice, providing superior world-class hygiene solutions and technical advice.
  • To establish a momentum in our business that has the potential to take us further as we pursue our ambition to build a world class cleaning services group.
  • Integrity, honesty and discipline in all dealings with all stakeholders.
  • Delivering the best possible product/service to our clients.
  • Excellence in every aspect.
  • Commitment to teamwork for higher productivity.
  • We strongly believe that our employees’ growth is synonymous to that of our organization. Empowering them means empowering William Scott & Co. – Our employees are the main pillar of our competitive strength.
  • Commitment to protecting the environment wherever and whenever the Company’s resources are involved.

Our commitment

Why our customers Trust us

Experience exceptional success with tailored mat solutions guided by our team

of expert professionals.

Solutions For Your Needs

With our collaborative approach, we offer tailored matting solutions designed to address the specific challenges faced by your industry.

Rapid Production

We’re proud to say that we’re able to produce our mats with great efficiency, and within the timeline.

Fully Customised

Our mats are made to order and fully customisable to meet your requirements.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

This guarantee assures our customers that any concerns will be addressed promptly and to their satisfaction